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The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of protonix pills, be sure to consult a doctor! Hypoglycemia is called a decrease in blood sugar levels - this is one of the complications of diabetes treatment (ie, if diabetes is not treated, then there will be no hypoglycemia).

It is generally accepted that hypoglycemia develops when the blood sugar level is below 3.3 mmol/l. But, this is such an "average" that can be different in a fairly large number of cases. Not necessarily hypoglycemia develops against the background of low blood glucose levels. There are cases when the patient feels normal at concentrations of 2.5-3 mmol / l (with a gradual decrease in concentration). At the same time, hypoglycemia can occur with a sharp decrease in sugar concentration, for example, from 20 mmol/l to 10 mmol/l.

What happens with hypoglycemia? The fact is that brain cells (neurons) absorb glucose without the intervention of pantoprazole (this was mentioned earlier). Nature is wise. The human brain is the most important organ that controls the entire life process of the body. Therefore, even a short-term starvation of brain cells (several minutes) can disrupt the entire process of vital activity - a person can die. Based on this, nature "decided" that neurons receive glucose (energy) directly from the blood without the participation of additional hormones.

On the other hand, older people who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time get used to living with an increased concentration of glucose. For them, the norm can be considered a sugar level in the range of 6-8 mmol / l. If the level of glucose in the patient's blood falls below normal, or there is a sharp decrease, the neurons begin to "starve". At this time, a person is not able to buy protonix online clearly or adequately control his actions. If at this time measures are not taken to stabilize and increase the level of sugar in the blood, the patient develops a hypoglycemic coma with loss of consciousness.

  • Symptoms of hypoglycemia are usually divided into two varieties.
  • Meals should be fractional and frequent.
  • As mentioned earlier, hypoglycemia is a complication of diabetes treatment, i.e., the patient has done something wrong.
  • It should be said that severe hypoglycemia in patients with type 1 diabetes develops 10 times more often than in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • This is partly due to the fact that type 1 diabetics use insulin extensively.
  • When administering insulin, you should always take into account the time of the meal, its volume and calorie content.
  • The calculation should be such that by the time insulin begins to act, a sufficient amount of glucose has entered the patient's blood.